Red Dot Design Award

Mike – Smart Microwave Oven

Mike – Smart Microwave Oven | Red Dot Design Award

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Mike is a non-traditional microwave oven that is expected to be the foundation for our company to build up an IoT platform. It is also a new attempt for us to build a smart home system. The goal when designing Mike was to integrate a large number of smart functions of the microwave oven with the mobile phone to achieve a low-cost but highly intelligent microwave oven. In this way, users need not feel bothered by the features that they rarely use. Mike subverts the traditional MWO interaction mode. The basic version of Mike smart microwave oven taps into the power of mobile devices to realise various functions: food identification, voice control, one-click purchase of ingredients, etc. Mike is simple and more intuitive on interaction, and its appearance is holistic and concise. The minimal, modern style maximises cleanliness and conveys the easy-to-use features to the user clearly. In terms of interaction design, Mike has access to Alexa's platform, and users can control it through the Amazon Echo smart speaker by issuing voice commands, which greatly enhances the fun and convenience of the cooking process. Mike’s user-centric lighting guidelines further enhances the pleasure of interaction. With the interaction of emotional lighting and AUI, Mike resembles a smart and capable cooking expert more than a cold tool. It is truly a lifestyle-driven innovation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Guangdong Midea Kitchen Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Kang Junmuck
  • Design:
    Hou Bangbin, Kim Woon Hyoung, Kim Soyoung, Lu Wei, Tu Yi, Yuan Jinjiang
Mike – Smart Microwave Oven | Red Dot Design Award