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People who are not familiar Virtual Reality (VR) may find it awkward to use, partly because of its weight and bulk. MILD differs from existing VR devices because it is made smaller and lighter, making the experience more comfortable and accessible. At first glance, MILD looks similar to sunglasses. Most existing VR devices are predominantly made of plastic, but MILD is produced in fabric. Designed in a round shape, it covers the head comfortably. Users can either place MILD on the face, or strap it on firmly when playing games, watching sports, or any contents that may provoke physical reactions. The controllers used in existing VR devices are designed like game consoles and target game enjoyment. However, MILD's controller is designed to suit all kinds of content enjoyment on VR. The user can control various videos remotely and manoeuvre 360-degree contents freely in any directions by moving the sphere-shaped control.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Choi Jaewan, Kim Gyuseok, Kim Myungnyun, Youn Heejin, South Korea