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Mini Fresh

Mini Fresh | Red Dot Design Award

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With the growing demand for quality of life, not only do consumers want more choices in food, they also want access to fresh and healthy food. However, how does one keep food as fresh as possible in the time between the market and arriving at home? MINI FRESH is designed as a novel smart device to solve this problem and keep food fresh in a portable manner. It is light, versatile, safe, rechargeable and easy to use. MINI FRESH keeps food fresh for 3 to 4 hours by releasing the following: VC to neutralise and absorb ethylene released from fruits and vegetables and turn it into carbon dioxide and water; silver ions to sterilise and keep away microorganism and bacteria; moisture to keep food from drying out; and as an optional function, oxygen to keep living food (such as seafood) “alive”. MINI FRESH maintains the freshness of food from the point of purchase and kick-starts its real-time smart monitoring and alert capabilities. Simply insert this smart device into the package and seal it along with the food to keep it fresh and its freshness monitored.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Chen Pengan, Zhu Xiaochun, China