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Mini Pump

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This patented tube-in-tube pumping system guarantees maximum air volume with every stroke. To deliver the same air volume per stroke when pumping up a tyre, conventional pumps generally require twice the length. Thanks to a patented two-stage technology, the Alloy Mini Pump provides either high air volume or, alternatively, high pressure and is thus appropriate for all kinds of pumping needs. Stronger users may select the “high volume” mode to reach higher pressure faster, while users with less strength might switch to the “high pressure” mode when the pumping becomes too strenuous. And finally, high flexibility is provided by the auto-switching Schrader/Presta valve system: no more tiresome changing of valve caps and searching for rubber grommets or missing parts.

  • Manufacturer:
    BETO Engineering and Marketing Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • In-house design:
    BETO Engineering and Marketing Co., Ltd., Lopin Wang, Taiwan