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Each day we touch kitchen taps countless times. It is a routine activity, which follows widespread habitual patterns of movement because of its frequency. The Minta Touch kitchen tap allows for a new experience of these every day movements. An electronic mechanism, easy to activate by touch, replaces the conventional lever function. If users require water to clean their hands while working in the kitchen, a gentle tap with the forearm or the back of the hand suffices to start the water flow. Besides its particular aesthetics, the main benefit of this kind of operation lies in the hygiene offered by this kitchen tap. Since hands are often dirty from preparing foodstuffs, it stays cleaner overall. The design concept of the Minta Touch kitchen tap is fully thought-through since both modes of operation work independently. For safety, the water will start at the preset temperature when the faucet is opened electronically. This is guaranteed even if, for instance, hot water was used in a prior mechanical activation of the tap. With its innovative concept of combining two modes of operation, the Minta Touch kitchen tap facilitates easy work routines in the kitchen. The sensitive mode of activation adds a fresh emotional touch every day.

Statement by the Jury

With the Minta Touch kitchen tap users experience magic. It integrates two types of operation. Besides a manual mode it also offers a highly sensitive electronic mode, whereby the water flow is activated with the back of the user’s hand or forearm. Well-implemented technology has resulted in a kitchen tap of particular quality.

  • Manufacturer:
    Grohe AG, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Grohe AG, Germany
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