Red Dot Design Award
Heart Rate and Health Tracker

Mio Slice Band

Mio Slice Band | Red Dot Design Award

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The heart rate and health tracker Mio Slice Band is a fitness tracking system which tracks the wearer’s heart rate over the whole day and evaluates it by means of a Personal Activity Intelligence app (PAI). The PAI algorithm encourages users to partake in moderate to high-intensity exercise, by means of a simple number system, in order to support a healthier lifestyle. With a user-friendly one-button input, the Mio Slice Band, made of high-quality satin aluminium and stainless steel, offers an intuitive user experience.

Statement by the Jury

Mio Slice Band combines distinct design with mature technical finesse to create an attractive smart tracker for health-conscious users.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Mio Global, Vancouver, Canada
  • Design:
    Woke Studio Inc, Vancouver, Canada