Children’s Toothbrush

MISOKA for Kids

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The Misoka children’s toothbrush makes it possible to brush teeth without the use of toothpaste and is thus particular-ly suitable for babies and small children who are not yet able to rinse their mouths. The bristles are coated with special minerals from the nanoparticle range, which gently clean and polish the teeth. The simple use of water makes the teeth-cleaning ritual more pleasant for children and their parents. The nanominerals meet the elevated quality standards applying to water in Japan.

Statement by the Jury

Misoka convinces with a functionality that is both child-friendly and environmentally sound. The figure at the handle adds an additional playful component to the toothbrush.

  • Manufacturer:
    Yumeshokunin Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan
  • Design:
    Rumiko Takeda design, Milan, Italy