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MiWiFi Repeater 2

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The MiWiFi Repeater 2 amplifies the Wi-Fi signal of a router and thus improves Wi-Fi coverage within a building. After coupling it with the router, it can be plugged into any USB port to generate the Wi-Fi signal from there. With 300 Mbit/s, its transmission rate is twice that of its predecessor model. Thanks to its slim shape, the repeater can be pulled out of the port with one hand and plugged in again at the location selected.

Statement by the Jury

As the small, slim repeater is not dependent upon a wall socket, it can be used flexibly and unobtrusively.

  • Manufacturer:
    Beijing Xiaomi Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
  • In-house design:
    Hao Jiang, Xia Liao