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MobiGlobe – A Production by Autostadt in Wolfsburg

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The demand for mobility is increasing dramatically. At the same time, population growth, climate change and the scarcity of resources reveal our planet’s limitations. MobiGlobe gives insights into such complex systems and functions as a visual databank covering 48 themes ranging from “space” to “resources”. It can be experienced on interactive stations in various locations throughout the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, or on a gesture-controlled media wall. Its core application architecture, using the Unity Game Engine, allows for parametrically visualising, managing and renewing data, and is complemented with an interaction and display application layer specific to several installation formats. The media wall allows users to effortlessly navigate with a few intuitive gestures and body movements, enhanced by rich sound design, through a large and complex set of data visualisations. Statement by the jury »MobiGlobe compiles an enormous amount of complex data on the topic of worldwide mobility and makes them accessible on media walls and on interactive stations in such a way that the content is very easy to understand. Users navigate either by touching or through gestures and thus are able to gain insights into top issues of our times presented in an exciting and impressively visualised approach.«

  • Client:
    Autostadt GmbH, Wolfsburg
  • Design:
    Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG, Zurich
  • concept:
    Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG Autostadt GmbH
  • creative direction:
    Markus Schaefer
  • art direction:
    Isabelle Bentz
  • graphic design:
    CHKY, Bern Büro Destruct, Bern
  • interaction design:
    Jørgen Skogmo
  • music/sound design:
    Idee & Klang, Basel
  • programming:
    Unity Studios, Aarhus, Aarhus
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