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mobile food and foodhunting

mobile food and foodhunting | Red Dot Design Award

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The book “mobile food and foodhunting” expressively brings its content to life. The main theme of the book is not the cookshops of Bali, but rather the direct, visceral experience of this time-honoured culture. More than just documenting the subject matter it investigates, it conjures up the power of first-hand experience. The reader accompanies Joseph Carlson on a photographic journey that is capable of transcending the limitations of the camera. As such, the audience has first-hand access to what Carlson perceived while walking along the island’s streets. The text of the book – the personal accounts of foodhunter Mark Brownstein – forms a single line that extends from the first page to the very last. This gives the book both a sense of direction and a set route to follow. The journey is a process of experience and cognition, travelling a path of ever-original images.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    winwood48 edition, Freiburg
  • Design:
    identis GmbH, Freiburg
  • art direction:
    Joseph Pölzelbauer
  • photography:
    Joseph Carlson
  • text:
    Mark Brownstein
  • artwork:
    Jean Mierecke, Reinhard Groh
mobile food and foodhunting | Red Dot Design Award