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The aim in designing the Public Pavilion Libraries on the premises of Seoul Innovation Park was to revitalise the site of 100,000 sqm and open it to the public again. Currently, a number of new companies is invited to gather there with the idea to facilitate natural interaction between the tenants and the local citizens. The key concept of the project derived from the Seoul Innovation Park “cube” logo. The cube is one of the most basic geometric shapes, yet with small changes, it creates a dynamic manifold. Each pavilion is named after its externally exposed cladding elements, such as the pipe or the membrane pavilion.

  • Design:
    SpaceTong (ArchiWorkshop), Seoul
  • Client:
    Seoul Innovation Park, Seoul
  • Photography:
    June Young Lim, Seoul
  • Design Team:
    Hee-Jun Sim, Su-Jeong Park