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The Modular youth festival offers its visitors a broad spectrum of events. In order to lend structure to the programme’s multifariousness, a festival booklet with a distinct look was developed. The cover shows a key visual comprised of basic geometric shapes in a stacked arrangement. For better orientation, the colour-coded forms were paired with a snapshot photo concept suited to the target group. The playful use of typography intentionally pushes the boundaries of readability.

  • Client:
    Stadtjugendring Augsburg KdöR, Modular Büro, Augsburg
  • Design:
    KW Neun Grafikagentur, Augsburg
  • creative direction:
    Artur Gulbicki
  • art direction:
    Mara Weyel, Christoph Sauter
  • strategic planning:
    Tobias Sommer
  • photography:
    Mara Weyel, Christoph Sauter, Max Diederich