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Momkai Portfolio

Momkai Portfolio | Red Dot Design Award

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Momkai is an Amsterdam-based design studio that builds brands and platforms that serve a purpose. Based on the belief that the best pitch is the studio’s work, this became the centrepiece of the website presenting a clear and simple portfolio. Aiming for “minimalism done just right” and following the studio’s philosophy to cultivate a sense of calm, the colours, fonts and motion design smoothly work together to present Momkai’s projects and studio. By taking a storytelling approach to every page, people are drawn in, strategic thinking is explained, and the philosophy is shown in practice.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Momkai BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Momkai BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Creative Direction:
    Harald Dunnink
  • Strategic Planning:
    Martijn Tiemersma
  • Project Management:
    Ruben Brug
  • Web Design:
    Martijn van Dam
  • Programming:
    Ruben Nascimento Nick McMillan
Momkai Portfolio | Red Dot Design Award