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MOMODESIGN AERO | Red Dot Design Award

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The aesthetics of functionality

A motorcycle helmet serves not only to protect the rider, it also defines both the riding experience and the aesthetics of motorcycling. The design of the AERO jet helmet realises the goal of introducing a new generation of helmets in that it seeks to exceed established principles and combines innovative design with high functionality. This helmet possesses outstanding aerodynamic properties and showcases a clear and distinctive design language, which is based on a novel approach towards integrating the visor in the overall shape. The wide visor has been realised flush with the shell and requires no external attachment. The classic external visor movement has thus been eliminated and replaced by a new, patented internal movement. The visor is therefore highly comfortable to wear and easy to operate with a gentle movement. In addition, the visor features a special coating that effectively prevents both scratches and fogging. The integrative shape not only gives riders outstandingly clear visibility, it also reduces outside noise while riding. Moreover, the helmet offers an intelligent ventilation system with smart control that always ensures a good climate under the helmet and which can be adjusted by means of an app on the smartphone. Thanks to this intelligent ­ventilation system, the motorcyclist can maintain the attention while riding, especially in the urban environment, even when air flow is not sufficient. This way the helmet becomes an “active” element to increase comfort and safety.

Statement by the Jury

The AERO motorcycle helmet has emerged as an example of excellently integrated design elements, resulting in its expressive shape that inspires a high level of confidence in terms of functionality and reliability. This ­aerodynamic helmet achieves a high degree of wearing comfort and rider safety thanks to the innovative integration of the visor without conventional external ­attachment. It offers riders an outstanding all-round vision, as well as the benefits of a sophisticated smart ventilation system.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    MOMODESIGN, Milan, Italy
  • In-house design:
    Klaus Fiorino Paolo Cattaneo (Managing Director)
MOMODESIGN AERO | Red Dot Design Award
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