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Monoset Bespoke Stationery

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The Monoset Bespoke personalised stationery sets a mark for the tradition of letter writing in an increasingly digital world. Each set includes letter writing paper, notecards as well as individually embossed envelopes made of high-quality, environmentally-friendly paper with a subtly textured writing canvas. The storage box converts to an elegant desk stand, protecting and presenting the papers and envelops in an appealing, well-organised and ready-to-hand way. The set is available in the six different styles Traditional, Industrial, Minimalist, Modern, Natural and Neon.

Statement by the Jury

The stationery set makes the value of handwritten conversation visible with its elegant appearance and bespoke design.

  • Manufacturer:
    Monoset, Dublin, Ireland
  • In-house design:
    Monoset, Dublin, Ireland
  • Design:
    CI Studio, Dublin, Ireland