Red Dot Design Award
Sustainable Package

Montilla Limited Edition

Montilla Limited Edition | Red Dot Design Award

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In creating this limited edition of rum, Montilla brought together urban artists to develop the label with an aim to foster culture through art. Considering the fact that recycling processes also consume energy and generate trash, the designers decided to reuse materials that reduce the amount of waste generated and do not expend energy, thus transforming into art what would be rubbish while also increasing its useful life. The result of this process was the creation of an innovative package with a bold and provoking design, produced at low cost. The illustration reflects the brand positioning.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Pernod Ricard Brasil, São Paulo
  • Design:
    Doismaisdois, São Paulo
  • head of marketing:
    Colin Kavanagh
  • art direction/concept:
    Rodrigo Lasalvia
  • text:
    Thomaz de Oliveira Lima
  • assistant designer:
    David Mancera
  • account management:
    Karina Gadelha