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For the studio of young up-and-coming movie director Konstantinos Sampanis and his label Moodboard, a high-end video website in full responsive design has been created. The continuous use of moving pictures within a minimalistic design layout focuses on the brilliance and high quality of the label’s cinematic work. On the start page, the top four projects rotate in a fullscreen video showreel. Each project is presented in an extensive case study implemented in the WordPress CMS. Multiple slides deal with different key aspects of each project.

  • Account Management:
    Kim Wittfeld
  • Graphic Design:
    Ben Tauber
  • Programming:
    Matthias Kurte, Tatiana Bunaeva
  • Technical Direction:
    Tom Kirchhartz
  • Design:
    DUNCKELFELD, Cologne
  • Film Production:
    MOODBOARD, Konstantinos Sampanis, Berlin
  • Concept/Development:
    DUNCKELFELD, Cologne
  • Art Direction:
    Oliver Ecker
  • Client:
    MOODBOARD, Konstantinos Sampanis, Berlin
  • Project Management:
    Tobias Kreimer