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MoonRock Schoolbag

MoonRock Schoolbag | Red Dot Design Award

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MoonRock Schoolbags are the perfect backpacks for school children. Each bag is adjustable to fit different body types and equipped with ergonomic shoulder straps to keep the bag’s weight evenly distributed and carried at an optimal position, thus maximising comfort. An active air flow system also keeps the user’s back cool and ventilated. Made with light-weight Teflon, the surface of the bag deflects water, resists oil-based spills and are quick to dry. Tugging the lower section of the padding on the upper back reveals a ‘butterfly mechanism’ that allows shoulder strap positions to be adjusted to fit children of different heights. The flexible nylon apparatus automatically adjusts the distance between the two shoulder straps based on the user’s build, preventing the shoulder straps from falling off the shoulders. The ring-shaped hooks of the shoulder straps provide a greater range of movements. A unique spine-shaped aluminium alloy bar contributes to the schoolbag’s ergonomic structure, ensuring a more comfortable and form-fitting experience. The 8-degree inclination design transfers the schoolbag’s centre of gravity closer to the user, and 3D shoulder straps enable the schoolbag's weight to be evenly distributed across the user’s shoulders and chest. Lastly, two plates forming a wing-shaped base keeps the schoolbag stable and facilitates its ability to remain upright. To optimise ventilation on the back, an active air flow system consisting of a back padding made of hollow-chamber foam are placed strategically to generate air circulation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Grown Up Licenses (Asia) Limited, Hong Kong
  • Design Lead:
    Wong Wah Tung
  • Design:
    Nick Li Ke, Luo Chun Qing, Yuki Ping Yeung Suet
  • Design Partner:
    Grown Up Licenses Management (ShenZhen) Limited, China
MoonRock Schoolbag | Red Dot Design Award
MoonRock Schoolbag | Red Dot Design Award