Promotion Design

mt ex Hiroshima

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In promoting the “mt” masking tapes – a product originally used as curing tape in industrial applications, but which customers in Japan also enjoy in interior decoration thanks to its range of colours and patterns – this travelling exhibition broke new ground. Spaces and locations were decorated with variations on the masking tape to raise public attention. The exhibition venue in Hiroshima, for instance, was located on the seafront. To welcome visitors, the deck in front and the shop itself were covered with different “mt” tapes. Customers were thus able to easily browse the enormous variety of the tape collection.

  • Client:
    Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd., Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
  • Design:
    iyamadesign inc., Tokyo
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Koji Iyama
  • concept:
    Koji Iyama