Red Dot Design Award

Multi Functional Smart LED Stick With Afterimages Effect

Multi Functional Smart LED Stick With Afterimages Effect | Red Dot Design Award

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This smart LED stick has multiple functions intelligently designed to be applicable to everyday life. Primarily, it was designed to create afterimage effects (visual illusion) with the stick as a light source. Thanks to this effect, messages can be “drawn” in the air simply by waving and rotating the light stick. Besides that, this light stick can also function in everyday life as a clock, alarm, timer, light, ambient light, equaliser, leveller, and more. The functions can be controlled through its APP on a smart phone. In total, the stick has 16 functions, categorised into four themes. The “cheering” functions for events where the stick comes in useful for cheering, the “clock functions” keep track of time, the “outdoor and leisure” functions provide lights and signals needed for outdoor activities, and an “ambience lighting" function creates different atmospheric settings. These functions can be selected by using the + and – buttons.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Kono Corporation Ltd., South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Kim Kono
  • Design:
    Kim Geonho, Dr. Lee Minju
  • Design partner:
    dollop, South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Dr. Lee Minju