Red Dot Design Award
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Multifunctional Smart Lock

Multifunctional Smart Lock | Red Dot Design Award

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Safely integrated

In the same way architecture is ever evolving, the requirements for security concepts are also changing. This multifunctional smart lock is a contemporary solution for older houses, as it can be easily installed even in entrance doors of older buildings. Based on a sophisticated system, it requires only the replacement of the lock itself without the need for any electronic wiring. It is thus highly suitable for listed buildings where only little is allowed to be changed. Furthermore, it is also suitable for small hotels and offices to easily implement access control, without entailing additional high costs. The clear design of the lock has an elegant appearance that enhances the aesthetics of almost every door. Featuring a clear layout, it offers the four easy and intuitive to use functions of finger scan, NFC card, app (Bluetooth) and PIN code. This flexibility helps increase the sense of security among users, even in the event of one of the functions suddenly failing. The option of access via PIN code can be added without the need to install an additional input panel, as it is included already on the body of the lock itself. Thus, there is also no need to drill holes into the wall to install an input panel or do any wiring work. The entire installation is self-explanatory and can be done without professional help.

Statement by the Jury

Featuring a purist design and comprehensive multifunctionality, this smart lock offers new possibilities for installation in older buildings. Specifically designed for retrofitting, the lock has been perfectly adapted to fulfil its function. Allowing effective access control, it provides high security and implies an elegant way of interaction. The high-quality design of the lock consistently extends down to the last detail.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    AIGANG GmbH, Munich, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Lijuan Wang
  • Design:
    Top Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Kaipeng He Wanqi Li Hangzhou, China Top Design Co., Ltd., Jiqing Zhang Lin Zhou, Shenzhen, China
Multifunctional Smart Lock | Red Dot Design Award
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