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Mundart is a magazine focusing on the growing trend of vegetarian and vegan diets and the meatless food culture. The name of the magazine alludes to both the Austrian market region in which it is published and the content itself, the topic of food and diet. The magazine covers a broad range of topics and approaches to this, such as an article on last meals before death – Marilyn Monroe, for instance, is believed to have eaten guacamole with stuffed mushrooms –, the service “meals on wheels” and bluff packages. The contents are complemented by original distinctive illustrations and photographs which, just like the magazine cover picture, aim to convey the individual topics with a sense of irony and lightness. The magazine was designed with love for details, comes accompanied by a poster listing “recipes for success” as well as collectable bonus points in the form of stickers, and features text printed on transparent intermediate pages. Statement by the jury »This work is well conceived and designed in its details. Readers immediately see that a lot of time and effort went into the content and the layout with its iconography and that the entire appearance forms a harmonious unity. The magazine is fun to read because the individual topics are backed up by photographs and typography of a humorous and appealing nature.«

  • Client:
    FH Joanneum – University of Applied Sciences, Graz supervising professor Catherine Rollier; Svenja von Döhlen, formdusche, Berlin (Co-Supervisor)
  • Design:
    Nora Stögerer, Graz
  • photography:
    Nora Stögerer (Idea), Teresa Rothwangl (Photographer)