Museum – A House for Learning. Museum Theoretical Case Studies | By Péter György

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This book series under the editorship of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest contains studies by Hungarian museum professionals, academic staff and researchers. In each volume, the work of an artist belonging to the current young generation of typeface designers is introduced. An important aim of the series is to support renewal of the Hungarian culture of books, which enjoys a great tradition, and to draw attention to the significance of the quiet yet visible typographical variations that affect a book in its entirety as an object.

  • Client:
    Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
  • Design:
    Lead82, Budapest
  • Publisher:
    László Baán
  • Editor:
    Orsolya Radványi
  • Design Team:
    Zalán Péter Salát, Dániel Németh L., Dávid Lencsés-Tóth, Viktor Suszter
  • Typography:
    Martzi Hegedűs
  • Illustration:
    Máté Dobesch
  • Photo Editor:
    Máté Kovalik, Zalán Péter Salát
  • Printing:
    László Mészáros, EPC Printing House, Budaörs