Exhibition Design

My Thread – New Dutch Design on Films

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Showcasing eight young Dutch designers, this exhibition is composed of several movies that focus not only on the designers’ works but also on their backgrounds such as their towns, studios and individual design approaches. The exhibition was held on a 1,200 square-metre space in the attic of an old building with many windows for natural light and fresh air but no air-conditioning or ventilating fans. In order to enable visitors to see the videos clearly and comfortably on this floor in a hot humid summer, a huge horizontal light shield was applied to ensure proper airflow for cooling. The entire space was covered with a silver coloured sheet and allowed the audience to enjoy the videos through several holes in this sheet. Thus, the shield both gave the room a wholly individual appearance and provided a unique experience for people moving through and feeling two very different spatial qualities at once, an experience as if being under water.

Statement by the Jury

The design of this exhibition goes beyond conventional standards in both aesthetic terms and at the level of visitor experience. The disadvantage of not being equipped with air-conditioning is turned into a virtue by establishing an ingenious construction through a space-filling sheet that only leaves walk-through islands for the video screens. Alongside delivering a unique experience, this also focuses visitor attention on only one video at a time.

  • Client:
    Designeast Committee, Osaka Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Tokyo
  • Curator:
    Eizo Okada, S&O DESIGN Inc., Tokyo
  • Space Design:
    Hideyuki Nakayama, Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture, Tokyo