Red Dot Design Award
Waist Harness for Kitesurfing

MYSTIC LEN10 Majestic X

MYSTIC LEN10 Majestic X | Red Dot Design Award

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The development of the MYSTIC LEN10 Majestic X waist harness aimed at a new level of support, comfort and a first-class finish. The harness surrounds the patented Bionic Core Frame a semi-rigid carbon back-support plate with a very stiff middle section. It prevents the ­harness from jamming the upper body while reducing the pressure on the back. At the same time, it allows rotation for maximum freedom of movement.

Statement by the Jury

The MYSTIC LEN10 Majestic X waist harness masters the balancing act of providing optimum protection and support without restricting the kiter’s mobility.

Red Dot Design Award