Bag Collection

N über C – Cork Collection


The bags of this collection are a limited edition of 100 pieces. They are made of cork and printed in a screen process with an abstract pattern taken from the maritime flag alphabet: hoisting „N above C“ in this language is the distress at sea signal. The combination of the floating material cork and the symbolism of the flags sets a signal for refugees in distress at sea. At the same time the entire proceeds are donated to the corresponding aid organisation.

  • Manufacturer:
    frisch Beutel, Frisch & Pfaff GbR, Frankfurt / Main, Germany
  • Design:
    Peter Schmidt Group (Larissa von der Heide, Marija Zurak), Frankfurt / Main, Germany

Statement by the Jury

The bag collection makes good use of its idealistic content in a playful way. The innovative material cork convinces from a functional viewpoint.