Red Dot Design Award
Trade Fair Commercial

Nah am Kunden

Nah am Kunden | Red Dot Design Award

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This trade fair commercial presents original statements from people from all over Germany in an authentic way. Filmed in everyday situations, the competitive advantage of savings banks as compared to direct banks or private banks is highlighted. Benefits include a close relationship with customers thanks to branch density and a high number of automated teller machines. The commercial was shown at a finance and IT trade fair, serving as a motivational campaign within the Savings Banks Financial Group. It was digitally distributed via apps, the official website and YouTube.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Finanz Informatik, Frankfurt/Main head of marketing Claudia Lensker head of advertising Christoph Rutter
  • Design:
    beierarbeit GmbH, Bielefeld
  • creative direction:
    Christoph Beier
  • film production:
  • film direction:
    Niklas Weise
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