Brand Identity

Nanjing Old City

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The central starting point in developing an identity for the buildings in the old town of Nanjing, China, was the city’s historical background and a desire to convey the spirit of Jinling culture. Reflecting the traditional living style of local residents, the housing blocks have been redesigned to form a multifunctional centre that would also act as a destination for international tourism. Since the most representative elements of Mendong culture are the Triassic horsehead walls, they are used as a key visual to represent the characteristic architectural form. Private seals bearing the logotype Nanjing convey the details of different aesthetic feelings.

  • Client:
    Nanjing East Gate Historical Block Management Co., Nanjing
  • Design:
    LKK Brand Design Beijing Co., Ltd., Beijing
  • Graphic Design:
    Junxiu Pang, Huan He, Heng Qiu, Jie Lei, Yueming Sun, Qun Gu