Red Dot Design Award

Nedjeljom zatvoreno###NEWLINE###Closed on Sundays

Nedjeljom zatvoreno###NEWLINE###Closed on Sundays | Red Dot Design Award

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The conceptual solution for the poetry collection “Closed on Sundays” questions whether a contemporary poet should package his poetry as a consumer product in order for it to be noticed in a time when poetry has generally basically become completely marginalised. The cover design picks up elements of product labelling by adding a label with a barcode and an indication of quantity to the monochrome portrait. The poet’s words are packed and weighed in kilos, playing with the allusion to everyday consumerism, which today has become almost the only form of communication that modern people understand.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Drago Orli_, Pore_
  • Design:
    STUDIO SONDA, Vi_inada
  • Creative Direction:
    Jelena Fi_ku_, Sean Poropat
  • Graphic Design:
    Zvjezdana Vuki_, Andrej Glavi_i_