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Neoknit | Red Dot Design Award

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Travelling ambassador

Luggage is a personal expression of individuality like apparel and shoes, and at the same time must comply with strict functional needs and requirements. The Neoknit collection of rolling luggage and bags has been created for increasingly demanding, eco-conscious users. In the manufacturing process, the primary material is a knitted, fully recycled polyester (RPET) yarn. The knitting process and subsequent final assembly is almost entirely automated and programmed to reduce waste as much as possible. The various models of the collection all feature individual patterns and motifs. Some of them recall traditional knitting, while others boast highly advanced 3D techniques. The overall appearance of each model is the result of an integrated design, development and refinement process which is aimed at combining the least wasteful production path with the highest possible functionality. The design of Neoknit explores the formal limits of traditional luggage, offering users guidance and orientation through partly transparent insights into the construction of this luggage. Thanks to its groundbreaking concept, this luggage collection turns into a travelling ambassador promoting sustainability.

Statement by the Jury

The design of Neoknit merges a strong sense of ­aesthetics and functionality with high environmental awareness. Using minimal material and a virtually ­circular production process, the luggage embodies a trendsetting solution. This luggage collection is beau­tiful to look at, of very high quality and outstandingly durable. It exudes a sporting appeal, practical and comfortable in use. Its well-thought-out details like the functional inside pockets are enthralling.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Samsonite NV, Oudenaarde, Belgium
  • In-house design:
    Don Wilson
Neoknit | Red Dot Design Award
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