Ultrasound Devices

NeuEcho Series

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The ultrasound devices of the NeuEcho Series use the same platform but target different user groups. The control panel with only a few buttons and an integrated touchscreen has a hierarchical structure and enables fast navigation. The containers for the ultrasound probes come in different sizes to fit the various probe heads and feature a hook for optimum cable management. The gel heater emits a coloured ambient light, which visually conveys the warming effect. The design combines soft lines with sharp curves, giving rise to a harmonious sense of suspense.

Statement by the Jury

The favourably proportioned design of the NeuEcho Series is characterised by harmonious transitions. The well-thought-out details are especially convincing.

  • Manufacturer:
    Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd., Shenyang, China
  • In-house design:
    Zhou Liu Zhen-Wei Yang Jian Wang Lian Ma Ying Cao Chun-Chit Kan
  • Design:
    Designit, Munich, Germany