Computed Tomography Scanner

NeuViz128 CT

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The 128-slice computed tomography scanner called NeuViz128 CT provides precise diagnostic imaging data at low radiation doses. An illuminated ring at the gantry opening uses changes in colour to indicate which scanning phase is currently running. This keeps patients informed and reduces anxiety. Furthermore, patients are distracted from the examination by entertaining graphics. The control panels are emphasised using strong black-and-white contrasts. The control unit is dominated by an oversized rotary knob, which simplifies operation of the device.

Statement by the Jury

The NeuViz128 CT uses multimedia technology in an exemplary way in order to make the examination as pleasant as possible for the patient.

  • Manufacturer:
    Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd., Shenyang, China
  • In-house design:
    Jun Yu, Hai-Song Chen, He Wei, Chun-Chit Kan
  • Design:
    Designit, Munich, Germany