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Nice Tri

Nice Tri | Red Dot Design Award

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The purpose of ice therapy is to narrow blood vessels of the injuries and localised areas. This not only slows down blood flow but circulation as well, thus reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain. Current ice packs are unable to zoom in precisely on the exact area of injury, which may cause frostbite or numbness to certain nerves. However, Nice Tri is able to precisely compose the “ice” position. To apply, simply wear the sleeve and attach the individual gel packs to the slots in a meshed sleeve until they cover the size of the injury. The duration of the ice therapy cannot exceed twenty minutes, which may otherwise cause frostbites or numbness in certain nerves. The dimension of Nice Tri gel pack is designed to maximise the time till melting and decrease the risk of frostbite from the ice. The triangular-shaped gel pack can be comfortably and intimately attached to human skin.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Tunghai University, Taiwan, R.O.C
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Lin Wei-Chun, Prof. Lo Chi-Hung
  • Design:
    Jang Yun-Jen
Nice Tri | Red Dot Design Award