User Interface Design

Nike Bootroom (Nike Digital Retail Experience)

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The Nike Bootroom is part of the Nike Digital Retail Experience, developed to envision a holistic concept and an integrated multichannel strategy. A 65” interactive surface with multitouch functionality has been created that enables employees and customers to experience Nike products in a whole new way. The installation is comprised of product videos, league statistics and comparable shoe data. Availability in terms of size and colour can be detected in real time, using RFID technology in combination with 3D cameras, supporting user interaction.

  • Graphic Design:
    Kjell Wierig
  • Client:
    NIKE AGS Region, Frankfurt/Main
  • Programming:
    Christopher Brinkmann
  • Technical Direction:
    Nico Zimmermann
  • Creative Direction:
    Alexander El-Meligi
  • Project Management:
    Tobias Soffner
  • Art Direction:
    Florian Gläser
  • Design:
    Demodern GmbH, Hamburg