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Nike – Catch the Flash

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For the launch of Nike’s Vapor Flash Jacket, a fully reflective jacket for enhanced safety, the Catch the Flash game followed the idea of “making the invisible visible”. Fifty runners set out on the dark streets of Vienna as “Flashrunners” with the whole of Vienna chasing them. The chaser who flashed the most Flashrunners with his or her camera, thereby revealing their jacket numbers, won a 10,000 euro platinum bar. Simultaneously, people could take part in the chase on a microsite: using an app, all 50 Flashrunners transferred their GPS data in real time to the Catch the Flash online game.

  • Client:
    Nike Gesellschaft m.b.H., Vienna
  • Design:
    Jung von Matt/Neckar GmbH, Stuttgart
  • head of marketing:
    Matías Müller
  • head of advertising:
    Mat Neidhardt
  • creative direction:
    Nils Doehring
  • art direction:
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