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Pushing boundaries

For motorcyclists, some roads can easily pose a challenge that also needs to be mastered physically. Here, the NIKEN motorcycle offers an innovative approach towards form and functionality. Featuring a three-wheel design and tiltable front wheels, this multi-wheeler can lean into turns like a motorcycle. Responding effortlessly, the wheels deliver very good grip and a feeling of stability on the road. Powered by a liquid-cooled in-line three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 847 cc and equipped with innovative LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel) technology, this motorcycle can easily adapt to changing ride environments. This helps to inspire front-end confidence when cornering. The combination of LMW technology and a powerful high-torque engine not only delivers excellent per­formance for spirited, sporty riding on various road surfaces, it also allows for elegant carving of corners on twisty roads. Optimised weight distribution is ensured by the motorcycle’s lightweight hybrid chassis. And taking advantage of a front suspension that pairs the 15" front wheels with dual-tube inverted forks mounted to the outside of the wheels, the body design visually accentuates the machine’s sporty per­formance even further. The NIKEN thus offers even seasoned riders a whole new motorcycling experience.

Statement by the Jury

The futuristic and sporty style of the NIKEN motor­cycle attracts high attention. The daring, unusual design of this three-wheel motorcycle is based on the principle of tiltable front wheels and embodies an impressive realisation of a strong concept. As a multi-wheeler it delivers a feeling of stability, functionality and high riding pleasure. Featuring a powerful three-cylinder engine, the motorcycle can easily master a wide variety of road surfaces and conditions.

Red Dot Design Award

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