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noa* – network of architecture

noa* – network of architecture | Red Dot Design Award

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noa* is an architecture and design agency, with headquarters in Bozen, Italy, that follows a collaborative and holistic approach in all of their diverse projects and designs. The concept of “emergence”, where the whole is perceived as being far greater than the sum of its parts, also characterises the newly developed website of the agency. Based on responsive web design, the way the site content is navigated changes depending on the device used by the visitor. On large displays, the website adopts split screens on the home page, main pages and project detail pages, which conveys a sense of high complexity and allows easy navigation by both horizontal and vertical scrolling. All pages are characterised by an aesthetic highlighting project images and descriptive texts, which communicate the wide variety of works at first glance and invite visitors to explore the site and individual projects in more depth. The projects as well as the network partners of noa* are categorised, allowing for quick and easy visitor orientation.

Statement by the Jury

The strength and particular charm of this highly contemporary website derives from the split-screen design, which facilitates independent navigation on both halves of the screen at the same time. Thus, visitors are virtually active in changing the design appearance of the website so that the look of the page is never the same. Other design details, ranging from the use of screen space to the typography, also exude a highly consistent appeal.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    teamblau GmbH, Bozen
  • Managing Director:
    Arnold Malfertheiner
  • Project Management:
    Leonhard Bozzetta
  • Web Design:
    Magdalena Ferdigg
  • Client:
    noa* – network of architecture, Arch. Stefan Rier & Arch. Lukas Rungger, Bozen
noa* – network of architecture | Red Dot Design Award
noa* – network of architecture | Red Dot Design Award
noa* – network of architecture | Red Dot Design Award
noa* – network of architecture | Red Dot Design Award
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