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Nokia Camera

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The Nokia Camera, which was launched to replace the former Nokia Pro Camera, was developed specially for use in connection with the Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile phone. The user interface was designed in such a way that it can make use of the mobile phone’s full display in order to ensure the highest possible user-friendliness. The result is an easy-to-operate interface that offers users a more differentiated and intuitive approach when using the camera. Thanks to the clear and elegant design as well as self-explanatory icons, it opens up a high degree of creativity to photographers. In addition, the camera’s preferences are arranged in concentric circles on the interface. This facilitates high user convenience when using the camera in manual mode and makes setting the camera to the desired values easier.

Statement by the Jury

Following a new concept aimed at a clear and stylish interface design, the Nokia Camera offers users a wide range of new possibilities. The easy-to-access options for the post-processing of shots constitutes as a smart solution. The arrangement of the camera settings is well thought out in terms of design and lends the interface a high level of user-friendliness.

  • Client:
    Nokia, Espoo
  • Design:
    Microsoft Devices Group, Phones Design