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Nokia Transitions

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The motto of this promotional site is “The Product Tells the Story”. The high quality of the photographs, which have been taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, is to be presented in a visual way, which is more impressive than the mere listing of technical features. In order to achieve this, six travellers took photos and recorded sounds with the smartphone during a trip to New Zealand. From the vast amount of material, a bespoke website was developed to allow people to experience this journey from earthquake devastated Christchurch to the snowy mountains of Wanaka.

  • Client:
    Nokia X Burton
  • Design:
    Great Apes Ltd, Helsinki Capefinn, Espoo
  • Executive Producer:
    Stuart Wells, Nokia
  • Creative Direction:
    Leandro Righini, Capefinn
  • Art Direction:
    Mika Mäkinen, Great Apes
  • Project Management:
    Mikko Sairio, Great Apes
  • Programming:
    Mikko Saario, Great Apes
  • Web Design:
    Niko Sipilä, Mika Mäkinen, Great Apes
  • Photography:
    Tim Maher, Valtteri Hirvonen
  • Text:
    Matthew Barr