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Not Copy Machine

Not Copy Machine | Red Dot Design Award

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In the education of children, parents and schoolteachers always think that there is only one correct path to reaching the answer to all the questions in life – namely their own path and solution, the ones they found and therefore think are the correct one. But actually there are many different possibilities and every person, including young people, have their own view of the world. This poster is an appeal to adults to never impose their opinions on children and thus turn them into copies of themselves. This is illustrated blatantly by a child having a copy machine as its head and an adult bending down to the child and placing his head on the copy machine from above to copy his thoughts and suggestions into the child’s head. The highly reduced illustration makes the message clear immediately, communicating the appeal of the poster beyond misunderstanding: parents and teachers should take children seriously and see to it that they can be who they are and develop freely. Statement by the jury »The poster’s outstanding achievement is the universal message it conveys to people around the globe. That some people tend to use their children merely as mirrors of themselves and project their own ideals and opinions onto them is illustrated in a highly drastic and provocative manner. Graphical elements such as the white background and the red contours enhance the urgency of the appeal.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin County
  • Design:
    Wei Chun-Huan, Nantou County