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Notch Underwater Navigation System

Notch Underwater Navigation System | Red Dot Design Award

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Notch is a dive kit that is comprised of a digital compass watch with enhanced guiding capabilities and a pair of goggles with vibration sensors. Since GPS (Global Positioning System) signals do not work underwater, the Notch system uses current buoy technology to emit sonar signals. The Notch watch determines a diver’s location by receiving sonar signals emitted by buoys located around the dive site and allows the diver to navigate towards underwater attractions. Goggle-mounted vibration sensors provide divers with directions by vibrating either on the left or right side to signal navigational turns. This allows divers to focus their attention on their surroundings, eliminating the need to refer to their watch screens constantly for directional bearings.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Alain Tsai, United States