Beverage Packaging

N.T.H.U. Memorial Liquor Series

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The National Tsing Hua University was established in China in 1911 and is located in the Tsing Hua Garden in Beijing’s western suburbs. Originally called “Tsing Hua School”, the university section was founded in 1928. To celebrate the university’s 100th anniversary, a memorial liquor collection was launched. The plum flowers were preserved and placed into the bottle through a special process, keeping them in blossom, which is their most beautiful state. The open concept of the outer package allows the customer to see the flowers directly through the bottle, which does not feature any additional label.

  • Client:
    Efarm, Shuili Township, Nantou County
  • Design:
    Huang Tien-Kuei, Center Visual Design Company, Kaohsiung City