Corporate Identity

nudo pastabar

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Nudo pastabar is a new restaurant located in the heart of Munich. The logo and its corporate identity were developed in accordance with its philosophy of transparency and sustainability in order to offer a relaxing place in an urban environment. This important aspect is reflected in the brand’s symbolic comma – a separation mark in the context of syntax, after which the reader stops for an enjoyable moment. This iconic element is complemented with individual hand drawn and stamped illustrations, implemented online and on environmentally friendly materials.

  • Client:
    nudo Amalien GmbH, Munich
  • Design:
    Ziba Munich
  • creative direction:
    Manuel Perez Prada
  • concept:
    Oliver Lang, Manuel Perez Prada, Eunggyu Lee
  • graphic design:
    Eunggyu Lee, Manuel Perez Prada, Michael Friebe
  • photography:
    Manuel Perez Prada, Michael Friebe
  • illustration:
    Eunggyu Lee
  • programming:
    Andreas Daoutis, Hozefa Indorewala