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nuPro X

nuPro X | Red Dot Design Award

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The nuPro X series consists of speakers with an elegant design, outstanding sound quality and intuitive operability. With a flawless matte-lacquered surface and the characteristic corner radii of the housing, they are an unobtrusive yet accentuated eye-catcher that harmoniously blends with modern living and working environments. The series includes the two compact models nuPro X-3000 and nuPro X-4000 for desktop or shelf use, as well as the nuPro X-6000 floor-standing speaker delivering up to 800 watts and the premium model nuPro X-8000 with a subwoofer and peak power of up to 1,120 watts.

Statement by the Jury

The speaker series impresses with its unmistakable design that catches the eye, while still harmonising very well with any interior.

Red Dot Design Award