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The design of over 60 covers for Dnevnik’s Saturday supplement in Slovenia was created following the maxim that covers are not simply a comment on the writing, or a synopsis of it. Instead, they often go a step beyond the power of the word, or the lack thereof. These covers are aimed at provoking and making the readers smile or angry, with titles such as “Promotion of junk food”, “The Vatican broom”, “Functional (i) literacy in Slovenia”, “Srebrenica, 20 years of holocaust”, “New hope: Slovenia after another early election”, “Cybercrime” or “Climate changes & us”. As such, the covers also intend to pay respect to the readers of this newspaper, since, instead of being passive recipients, they usually deal with media content consciously.

  • Design:
    Tomato Košir s.p., Kranj
  • Graphic Design/Photography:
    Tomato Košir
  • Editorial Work:
    Miran Lesjak, Dnevnik
  • Client:
    Dnevnik d.d., Ljubljana
  • Art Direction:
    Samo Ačko, Dnevnik
  • Creative Direction/Concept:
    Tomato Košir