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Octave | Red Dot Design Award

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Octave filters and cools, carbonates, stores and dispenses water directly, ensuring a grab-and-go, hydration solution for the whole family. It provides customised chilling of water between 10-22 degree Celsius – the optimum temperature (adjustable) for encouraging hydration. The system also incorporates many features that allow the system to operate when: water supplies are disrupted; during a natural disaster, such as an earthquake; or even when the user is removed from local access to the main unit. Octave reduces congestion in the kitchen by providing an alternative location for the kitchen tap where a customisable hydration experience can be accessed. It can be installed seamlessly into any kitchen cabinetry by clipping into a chassis that is physically mounted onto the cabinet. Clips are easily unlocked by pressing the release button marked ‘R’. This tap feature retreats anomalously into the body of Octave when not in use, integrating seamlessly with the fascia panel. To fill a glass from the self-serve filling station, simply press the glass into the cupped lever. For carbonated water, press the button above the fill station. For vessels too big to fit the filling station, release the tap feature with a gentle push. A drip tray below catches any dripping and condensation. To use the water filter function, press the square “fill” button to release the fill-tray, pour water into the tray, letting it flow through filter elements and under sterilising ultraviolet light (power dependent), and into the main reservoir. When water supply is interrupted, water is dispensed by gravity feed from Octave’s tap.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    The School of Design, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Design:
    Rodney Adank, Nicole Austin, Peter Fulton, Michael Jones, Holly Wright