Red Dot Design Award

OLi Bluetooth Speaker

OLi Bluetooth Speaker | Red Dot Design Award

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OLi is a standing speaker design that stands out in the corner of a room and allows sound to fill up the entire room. Providing intuitive and fuss-free operation, this speaker can be switched on and off with a single button. Switching it on also automatically activates the wireless connection to a music device, allowing users to connect OLi to music devices wirelessly and conveniently via Bluetooth capabilities or Wi-Fi connection. OLi’s primary objective is to optimise sound quality. It achieves this by projecting the sound from an optimal height. Encasing its speaker box within a hard box also creates a deeper and more amplified sound. However, this occasionally causes some unpleasant sounds – a problem that is mitigated by placing some soft fabric directly in front of the sound panel for a smoother and more pleasant sound experience. In terms of material choice, traditional music player designs tend to create a more premium look by using metal, glossy surfaces and high-definition solid colours. On the contrary, new players on the market have a more diversified CMF (colour, material, finish). OLi balances traditional and new with a minimalistic form accompanied by a matte surface and vibrant colours.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Miquel Padres Gonzalez, Joshua Han, Spain, South Korea