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OMEGA V | Red Dot Design Award

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Floating in elegance

Floating over landscapes, sights and other places of interest in a gondola lift cabin is always a special experience of its own. Reinterpreting the shape of a gondola lift cabin, the OMEGA V impresses with a purist design that is carried through into each detail. Its clear aesthetics is based on a three-dimensionally shaped roof design that merges the suspension and cabin to form an impressive unified whole. The design of the underfloor adds to the cabin’s minimalist look, while the seamlessly integrated drainage and ventilation openings contribute to its optimised aerodynamics. The maximised glazing opens up a fantastic view onto the surroundings and makes the cabin appear as a light, minimalist means of transport. The ergonom­ically shaped individual seats are connected through precisely fitted links. All seat cover versions were developed to reference the purist overall design. The continuous, homogeneous ceiling effectively absorbs noise and further enhances the harmonious overall impression of the cabin interior. All surfaces on the inside and outside are even and smooth, with fasteners barely visible. The cabin has been developed for dif­ferent uses, comprising skiing and summer tourism as well as urban transport. With its coherently implemented modular design, it allows adaptation to dif­ferent requirements and offers a high degree of customisation.

Statement by the Jury

The OMEGA V gondola lift cabin impresses with its plain and purist form. Its generous glass construction, which lets light come in from all sides, gives cabin users the feeling as if riding in a floating crystal bowl. Nothing interferes with the visual experience. The elegant, high-quality cabin interior impresses with its noise-absorbing ceiling as well as the sporty appearance of the passenger seats.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    CWA Constructions SA/Corp., Olten, Switzerland
  • In-house design:
    CWA Constructions SA/Corp.
OMEGA V | Red Dot Design Award
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