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Omni Nightclub Taipei

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Night clubbers are looking for something exciting. The design of the Omni Nightclub Taipei creates a mysti-cal atmosphere through a multi-faceted lighting scenario in a sophisticated architecture. The light streams through the space in linear guidance via a perfectly integrated transitional plane. This evokes attention-grabbing images that condense into an appealing scenario of circles, triangle and rectangles. Organic curves and arcs create the impression of action and mobility. The architecture of this club follows a distinctive symmetrical outline. The design divides the space into two sides, each offering its own realm of experience. The central area in the front establishes a large, almost empty looking area with seats for social interaction. Clear guiding lines allow club visitors to move around freely and smoothly. Curved stairs on both sides guide visitors up to the second floor, inviting them to look down from the seat areas placed on the left and right. The light alternates between light and dark, showcasing different exciting shapes as the colours change. In combination with the spatial design, the performance of the spotlights evokes an intensive sensory experience. A symbiotic fusion of architectural forms with light, the club has emerged as a distinctive and highly appealing world of its own.

Statement by the Jury

The concept of the Omni Nightclub Taipei uses lighting scenarios in a fascinating manner to create an ever-changing spatial ambiance in an interplay with the architecture. The changing geometric shapes visualise energetic power and activity. It establishes a theatrical space of entertainment with an atmosphere that automatically captivates the attention of the visitors. The stage-like flair of this club encourages visitors to share experiences of joy and enthusiasm with each other.

  • Client:
    The LOOP Inc., David Hsia & Alan Hsia, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Design:
    Etai-Space Design Office (Hsiang Hao Chang), Taipei, Taiwan
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