Red Dot Design Award
Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON HeartGuide™

OMRON HeartGuide™ | Red Dot Design Award

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OMRON HeartGuide is one of the world’s first clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitors. It was designed to enable the measurement of blood pressure anytime, anywhere. The users can monitor daily fluctuations of blood pressure in combination with their activity and sleep, thus gaining new insight into how lifestyle impacts heart health. Innovative technologies like a silent micro-pump and an inflatable cuff in the wristband ensure medical accuracy, while the familiar form of a wristwatch makes the device easy to wear in everyday life.

Statement by the Jury

OMRON HeartGuide combines sophisticated ease of wear with inno­vative technology. Its high-quality appearance with elegant black perfectly suits every user and occasion.

Red Dot Design Award